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YellowHeart is an environmentally friendly NFT ticketing and music company, connecting artists directly with their fans

The YellowHeart Protocol

Disrupting the ticketing industry and transforming how artists and fans connect..

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Ticketing 3.0
Ticketing + Web3

Ticketing 3.0

YellowHeart pushes ticketing to the age of blockchain, creating a win-win for fans & artists.

Authentic Ticketing

verified transparently and securely via the blockchain.

Music Royalties

so that artists and teams share in secondary sales.

Rotating Barcode

ensuring the ticket holder is the only one redeeming.

NFT Memberships

enable access to select venues, with exclusive VIP perks.

Music Ownership
is back

Devoted fans gain access to exclusive content, empowering artists to freely and creatively evolve their sound.

YellowHeart LLC.

Native streaming

albums with video, across phone and desktop.

Digital & Physical

pairings like vinyls, cassettes, merchandise, and more.


access to exclusive digital content, like full concerts.

The YellowHeart


A fast growing music ecosystem that is working to evolve the YellowHeart Community DAO and growing the music NFTs ecosystem.

Music NFTs

Artist to Fan

direct engagement using NFT airdrops before, during, and after key moments or events.

Ongoing Communication

between fans and artists through native push notifications.

Rewards & Benefits

like "Meet & Greets" and signed posters, for community members


Leading the charge towards ticketing & music in Web3.

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