The Revenge Tour was Jahseh’s first and only tour; the first time he touched the road. At the time he was one of the most controversial figures in the whole of music entertainment. Every night of this tour, he would make people feel his explosive persona. These concerts were a right of passage to every person in attendance.

"XXXtentacion born Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy January 23rd 1998 in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Before his untimely death, Jahseh transcended music genres and amassed one of the largest and most loyal fans bases ever seen. Jahseh made music for those who felt like him, for the kids that felt abandoned, the outcasts, the socially unacceptable, and most important the emotionally broken kids with undiagnosed mental health struggles. The reason the relationship with his fans was so special, is because he literally brought them into his life every step of the way. He grew with his fans. They saw him in his raw form. From the day I met him, it was clear he was on a journey to center himself with philanthropy, meditation, the simple things.nI remember being with him at his first show he ever did. After he finished performing, he yelled out his phone number on the mic for anyone to call him and answered calls as much as he could. He didn’t like calling the people who circled around him his fans. He liked to call them his family.
He was non-stop, going and going. He was so antagonized by the media that sadly I believe he lived never knowing how much good that he did in so many people's lives. Giving back and lifting up youth in his home town was always a priority to him. Philanthropy and changing himself for the better were always on his mind; to always rise above and transcend his tumultuous past.
He would frequently go to the SOS Children's Villages. So many times he went over and bought computers, games, clothes, whatever the kids needed. We are still in contact with many of these kids even today and have been keeping this work going through the XXXTentacion Foundation.
He was so bright and so special. Being forced into today's standard schools and systems when he was so different left him feeling outcast and alone. He found music and a way to connect to people and bear his soul on an honest level. I am still thanked today by kids who were touched by him through hundreds of texts and emails. His impact lives and breaths on.
My personal purpose is to keep this light shining through this new budding NFT community and with this first collection. Fans have asked me for ways to make Jahseh’s songs more readily available so we are offering the digital files for all to download as well as physical vinyls. His intention was to have his songs heard and this is a way to both keep his legacy alive and create new fans.
For the singles we have included in this drop, we wanted to stay true to form with the original images that Jahseh had included with the songs when he first released them. When the opportunity to have Stephen Bliss stylize the images I was so excited. X and I spent countless hours playing Grand Theft Auto together and having someone who was so deeply involved in the stylistic aspects of the game is something I know X would think was so cool.
Jahseh only ever had the chance to tour once. The shows for the Revenge tour took place at small venues of 2000 - 5000 a night and were intimate. This was unusual because he already had a massive growing fan base of millions. If you were there you were there. Hardly any video recordings of this tour exist as we were just starting out the tour process and never had the shows professionally recorded. The video clips we do have help to preserve these moments in time that can never be had again."
-Solomon Sounds

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