Experience G.Love like never before with the Philadelphia Mississippi NFT collection. The pilgrimage to the HipHop Blues, each NFT unlocks special perks.

G.Love’s new Album, Philadelphia Mississippi, is exclusively available for a limited time as a NFT. After the purchase of the Origin NFT, the full album will be unlocked and exclusive to token holders for a limited time. Then, each NFT holder will be air-dropped a second NFT (which varies in rarity), which includes a physical redeemable hi-grade 180 gram vinyl.
Token holders have the chance to claim one of 700 Black Vinyls, 290 special edition Gold Vinyls, five Gold Vinyl/ticket bundles, or five Gold Vinyl/ticket/vinyl test pressings. These winners will be chosen at random. Which will you get?!

Oh no, Looks like no markets for this collection.