Terminal 5
New York, NY

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Experience music, art, and technology at Dreamverse, a festival produced by Metapurse at the intersection of music, art, and technology, where NFTs come to life. Dreamverse is a two-part physical festival experience including a Dreamverse Gallery and Dreamverse Party.



NFT Tickets work best in the YellowHeart app.LEARN MORE.

Dreamverse Gallery begins at 12pm EST. Dreamverse Party begins at 8pm EST.

Redemption for each NFT ticket will happen through the YellowHeart app. Find instructions on how to do that here:
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Date: November 4th, 2021
Location: Terminal 5, New York City

There are three different NFTs for the three various tiers of tickets. The tiers include General Admission, VIP, and a separate ticket for the Dreamverse Gallery. Ticket art has been crafted by OG cryptoartist Alotta Money. All Ticket Buyers will receive a black and white NFT that transforms, after being physically scanned at the event, into the coloured NFT.

Dreamverse Gallery: Interactive Digital Art Experience | 12 - 4pm

During the daytime, Dreamverse is an interactive digital art experience featuring the largest cross-section of NFT art and artists delivered in digital, physical, and virtual formats. The Gallery will feature works from over 150 artists, curated by 10 seminal NFT artists, TIME, and Metapurse. It is an immersive experience through installations, large screens, and virtual reality booths.

Dreamverse Party: Exclusive Music & Digital Art Celebration & Show | 8pm - 1am

In the evening, Dreamverse morphs into an exclusive music and digital arts festival, headlined by Alesso and opened with RAC and PLS&TY. Notably, the party will feature the inaugural display of Beeple's iconic EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS - the most expensive NFT ever sold.

NOTE: NFT ticket purchases are not available to Singapore citizens. Dreamverse will be following local CDC guidelines.

Please reference and follow CDC guidelines here.

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