An Odd Little Place: The Digital Works of Jerry Garcia (1992-1995)


Monday, Jun 21 6:30 PM

The Jerry Garcia Family in partnership with YellowHeart, presents "An Odd Little Place: The Digital Works of Jerry Garcia (1992-1995)" NFT Collection. An artist who crosses all mediums, Garcia was ahead of his time, creating digital artwork included in this collection on his Apple Macintosh computers starting back in 1992. This limited edition collection reveals 17 of his digital works, spanning the four years he worked in this medium.

Each NFT comes with a redeemable jpeg download of the image, and can be displayed with ease in NFT art frames. *Not sold with NFT frames.
A portion of the proceeds from the auctions will be donated to The Wilderness Society, Rex Foundation, and First In Last Out Festival (Sweet Relief and For Humanity).
Three additional digital works of art, one previously unseen, will be unveiled on Garcia's birthday, August 1st, and will go up for auction in succession on August 5th at 3pm (ET)/ Noon (PT) and ending on August 7th.

*You must use a desktop to purchase these artworks.

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