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Join YellowHeart as we harness Web3 to revitalize ticketing, and empower fans, artists, and sports teams. Utilizing the latest and greatest in Web3 technology, our team of industry experts works with you to build long-lasting and engaged fan communities, collect revenue on secondary sales of tickets & collectibles, and so much more. Learn more about YellowHeart's capabilities and service offerings.

Capabilities Suite

Smart Tickets

that engage fans, limit fraud and let ticket issuers participate in resale revenues

Digital Memberships

so your biggest fans can purchase exclusive access to content, perks and special offers

Digital Communities

that create direct and lasting relationships between ticket issuers and their fans

Gated Access Media

so that access to streaming music and video is limited to only holders of specific NFTs

Ticketing 3.0
Ticketing + Web3

Ticketing 3.0

YellowHeart leverages the power of Web3 to help venues and fans graduate to the next phase of ticketing.

NFT Tickets

use an eco-friendly blockchain to drive transparency and engagement while reducing fraud.

Resale Royalties

enable ticket issuers to receive a payment on every resale.

Rotating QR Codes

ensures that only redeemed tickets are validated and the ticket holder is the one redeeming.

Collectible Content

coupled with tickets, such as art, music, and video allow fans to enjoy or resell.


Communities & Memberships

tickets act as an exclusive passport for fans by reimagining what it means to be part of a community. Web3 empowers ticket issuers to deliver engaging experiences and increase revenue, all the while driving loyalty and retention.

Music NFTs

Exclusive Access

to ticket pre-sales, members-only content, and private community events.

Benefits & Rewards

like VIP perks, special offers, and pre-sale purchase opportunities.

Direct Communication

through airdrop and push notifications, driving two-way communication with fans that goes beyond a social media following.



YellowHeart NFTs make personal shout-outs from artists, behind-the-scenes footage, and full concert recordings a reality for all fans.

YellowHeart LLC.

Native Streaming

of audio & video content, available for consistent consumption.

Full Device Support

for streaming and consuming content, whether a fan is at-home or on-the-go across iOS, Android, and Desktops.

Gated Access

so only NFT ticket holders can utilize its perks.


Leading the charge towards ticketing & music in Web3

Enter the Next Phase of Ticketing…

YellowHeart enables venues and artists to utilize its proprietary Web3 ticketing platform to increase sales through tiered and customizable web3 tools to drive traffic, energize engagement, and reduce fraud and ticket scalping.

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Capabilities Suite

Expansive NFT Marketplace

Publish your tickets on multiple NFT ticketing marketplaces. Enable crypto and credit card payments through YellowHeart’s wallets across iOS, Android, and Desktop.

Engagement Management

Build and manage your fan communities through our Web3-fueled and gamified engagement tools, enabling direct communication with the ones that matter the most to your business.

Flexible Delivery

Customizable and brandable marketplaces for artists and small to large-scale venues, enabling NFT ticketing for single or year-round events. Enterprise offering for customizable direct access to YellowHeart’s platform.

Robust & Secure Redemption

Redeem tickets using YellowHeart’s intuitive App for secure and fraud-proof event entry. YellowHeart redemption provides customizable staff accounts, actionable insights, rapid flows, and built-in troubleshooting for a seamless experience.

The YellowHeart Protocol

Disrupting the ticketing industry and transforming how artists and fans connect

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